Kareh, Ana

Ana Kareh is a graduate student and teaching assistant in the department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at UCSC. Her research involves the exploration of the unique properties of lanthanide-based metal-organic frameworks. Ana has been involved in the chemistry active learning classes, and has integrated inquiry methods from the ISEE PDP into her teaching. She enjoys making chemistry memorable, exciting, and equitable for her students.






Teaching Activity Summary

Name of Teaching Activity: Making Molecular Orbitals

Teaching Venue & Date: WEST Chemisty 2017

Learners: 30 undergraduates.

Reflection on how learners engaged with a STEM practice during the inquiry:

The main practice goal that learners were assessed on was improving a model with theory to explain a phenomenon. We wanted our learners to be able to: 1) articulate which aspects of a phenomenon are important to include in a model; 2) build upon a simpler model iteratively to introduce a complex model; 3) explain a phenomenon with multiple related models.

In the introduction and throughout facilitation, I found the example of the simplest molecular orbital diagram (H2) to be very useful in engaging learners’ understanding of a simple model building into a complex model. I found that the first aspect of the practice (articulate which aspects of a phenomenon are important to include in a model) was diffcult for students to come to on their own. This information was brought out through facilitation. To further improve the learners’ engagement and understanding of the practice, it would have been useful to further explore and discuss the limitations of the model.

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