Quan, Tiffani

Tiffani recently received her Ph.D. from the Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology program at UC Santa Cruz. Her research is focused on how eukaryotic transcription machinery maneuvers its way through a complex, yet dynamic chromatin structure. Tiffani first participated in the PDP in 2006. Since then, she has led design teams focused on biology related inquiries: an astrobiology activity for the astronomy/biology 2007 COSMOS cluster and a molecular biology activity for the 2008 MARC/MBRS/CAMP summer institute Biomedical Short Course. In fall 2009, she was part of a team that taught a PCR based activity for the UCSC Bio105L eukaryotic genetics lab course. She also has experience facilitating other activities, such as “Color, Light and Spectra” and the basic optics lab. In Fall 2008, she received funding from the Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE) to organize the “Teaching Science and Engineering Research Skills: Practices and Perspectives” symposium and to develop a new process skills workshop for returning PDP participants. In 2009, Tiffani redesigned the "Improving Learners' Process Skills" workshop for the 2010 I-SELT. Tiffani is interested in how inquiry based teaching and learning can be applied to settings from one-on-one mentorship of students in a research laboratory to a fully attended lecture course.