ISEE provides many fee waivers as well as travel support to allow as many people as possible to participate in the PDP. However, many research grants, advisors/PI’s, departments, and other funding sources can support professional development or training activities and associated travel. Please consider whether you have access to such external funds to support your participation in the PDP (entirely or in part).

If you do not have a resource for internal funding, do not hesitate to apply for an award from ISEE.

We cannot guarantee financial support for all participants, but we would like to support as many participants as possible, and work hard to obtain grants that enable us to do so. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

NOTE: Due to funding constraints, your chances of acceptance into the PDP are greatly improved if you have at least some amount of your own funding.

As part of your Application, you will need to complete the PDP Cost Planning Worksheet


Program Instructional Fee

The Instructional fee for 2018 is $2,900, which covers all instructor and staff time, materials, and the full cost of running the program including application and selection process, team formation, ongoing expert consultation for participants, etc.

ISEE has grants and receives institutional support that allows for many reduced, partial, or waived registration fees.

Options for covering the Program Instructional Fee:

  • Pay the FULL fee of $2900
  • Pay a REDUCED fee of $1500
  • Pay a PARTIAL fee of $500
  • You may request an Instructional FEE WAIVER when submitting your PDP Cost Planning Worksheet.


PDP Events:


During the Inquiry Institute all participants are expected to stay as guests at the hotel and the program is designed specifically with this in mind. The hotel provides meeting space for our program based on the expected lodging and meal revenues. 

The 2018 Inquiry Institute begins SUNDAY MARCH 25, ending with a closing dinner on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2018.  Plan to check out of the hotel on THURSDAY, MARCH 29.

Costs indicated below are not paid for by ISEE, except under extenuating circumstances. Be sure to consider them in your planning:

  • Ground transportation: There is free shuttle service between the Hyatt Monterey hotel and the Monterey airport. If you are flying into a different airport, please consider the ground transportation costs. The Hyatt Monterey is not in walking distance to many restaurants or coffee shops. Plan to use Uber or Lyft, or share rides with Participants from the local area that have their car. Parking is free at the Hyatt.
  • Meals outside of what included at the workshops: All-day beverage service and lunch is provided during the 4 workshop days. Dinner is included on the final day (Wed March 28).
  • Other Incidentals

Inquiry Institute Program Costs: You can apply for funding support from ISEE for the following expenses, or if you have External Funding (not requesting ISEE funding) you will pay for the following costs directly:

  • Lodging and Meal plan at check-out, as follows:
    • $580/person for 4 nights, shared rooming/double occupancy. Includes hotel meal plan of 4 lunches, 1 dinner and meeting breaks.  
    • Additional travel night $90 Double Occupancy (shared rooming), to accommodate an extra night of lodging for participants traveling from more distant locations, one day prior to start of the Inquiry Institute
    • Airfare: Roundtrip economy flight, home airport to Monterey, CA (MRY - Monterey Regional Airport is required destination). Or flight to San Jose airport, then coordinate ground transportation to Monterey (approximately 1 hour drive).


DESIGN INSTITUTE: Santa Cruz or Houston

Participants attend one Design Institute. ISEE coordinates Design Institutes that minimize travel requirements for as many participants as possible, and hopes that participants can assist in keeping costs down by covering their own travel expenses.  We encourage attendees to get in touch with other local PDP participants to gather information on the most economical accommodations available.

However, we realize that covering travel costs may be difficult for people located further from Design Institute sites, and we are able to provide stipends or reimbursements for some participants. Each Design Institute is unique, and funding availability to assist participants also varies, which is further described in the sections that follow.

The bottom line is: try as hard as you can to help us keep costs down so we can serve more people, but don't let funding prohibit you from participating. 

Please see information about Travel Funding for Design Institutes HERE.

2018 Design Institutes scheduled at the following locations:  

  • SANTA CRUZ Design Institute, April 13-15, 2018 - held on the campus of UC Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California.  Typically attended by participants from: California, Colorado, and Hawaii. 
  • HOUSTON Design Institute, April 20-22, 2018 - held on the campus of the University of Houston in Houston, Texas.  We anticipate including participants from: Texas, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, and Toronto.

Final placement of teams and participants at Design Institutes will depend on individual schedules, instructor availability, and other factors.  The guidelines above are an educated guess based on prior years.

Santa Cruz Design Institute Information

The Santa Cruz Design Institute will be held on the UC Santa Cruz campus, starting the afternoon of Friday April 13, concluding Sunday April 15th.

See accomodation suggestions HERE.

Meals: Lunches will be provided on April 14 and 15. Participants should plan on paying for their meals not included in the Design Institute schedule (breakfasts and dinners).

Travel: Participants requiring airplane travel to Santa Cruz may request assistance for airfares from ISEE. There are three airport options available: San Francisco (SFO), San Jose, (SJC), and Oakland (OAK). San Jose is the closest drive (about 1 hour), but SFO and OAK sometimes provide good options even though they are a little further away (1 hr 15 to 1 hr 30). Regardless of the airport, leaving Santa Cruz on a Sunday afternoon will be slow due to tourists heading home from the beach, so participants should not plan on a flight any earlier than 6:00 PM on April 15. 

Ground transportation is not covered by ISEE, and traveling participants should plan to rent a car or use a ride app (Lyft, Uber), hopefully sharing with other PDP participants. Shuttles from the airports are also available and may be less expensive for individual passengers (~$40 each way + ~$20 ride from shuttle dropoff to UCSC).

Houston Design Institute Information

The Houston Design Institute will be held at the University of Houston campus, in Houston, Texas.

Location, directions, and airport information can be found at: .  The University of Houston is a ~15 minute drive from Houston Hobby Airport (HOU) and ~30 minutes from George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). 

See accomodation suggestions HERE.

Meals: Lunch will be provided during the Design Institute. Participants should plan to cover meals outside of lunch. 

Travel: Participants requiring airplane travel to Houston may request assistance for airfares from ISEE. 

Please let us know if you have any questions related to funding and travel support.