All PDP participants put what they learn from the program into practice by teaching in an appropriate “teaching venue.” All participants work in teams of 3-4 people and team-teach together. The ideal venue is one that:

  1. Supports and prioritizes a transformational teaching experience for PDP participants
  2. Is aimed at undergraduates (however, some venues are aimed at graduate level students or pre-college programs)
  3. Has a short, concentrated time period for teaching

ISEE strives to minimize travel and costs by trying to place PDP participants in a teaching venue that is at or near their home institution. However, putting together teaching teams is complex, and there are cases in which participants are needed to teach at sites other than their own. For example, a team may need a person with a particular disciplinary background and expertise. The PDP application asks participants about their teaching interests, including interest in teaching at a different site, and works with applicants to make placements that mutually meet participant, program, and funding goals.

Venues are available at UC Santa Cruz and regional ISEE Chapters. Further information and details are found on the teaching venue description page.