ISEE Workshops

ISEE offers workshops on science and engineering learning and teaching. Some workshops are stand-alone events, other workshops are part of participation in programs, and some serve both purposes.

ISEE Inquiry Institute

A 4-day intensive which is a series of workshops, and one of the major experiences in the Professional Development Program (PDP). Only open to participants in the PDP. Offered annually in the spring.

  • Comparing Approaches: Three Kinds of Hands-On Science Activity and Discussion

  • Science of Learning and Teaching: The How People Learn Framework

  • Light & Shadow or Digital Images Inquiry Activity & Discussion

  • Equity & Inclusion Workshops

  • Introducion to "Backward Design"

  • Learning Goals: Content, Practices, Attitudes

  • Begin working with activity Design Team

ISEE Design Institute

A 2.5-day intensive consisting of workshops and facilitated design time for teams to work on their own instructional activity. The Design Institute is for PDP participants who have completed the Inquiry Institute, and is scheduled soon after the Inquiry Institute (~3-6 weeks post-event) each year. Offered at multiple sites across the United States.

  • Practicing Backward Design

  • Assessing Student's Explanations of their Understanding

  • Designing a Sequence of Activity Components