Information about COVID-19 and attending 2022 ISEE programs and events

This page contains information about COVID-19 in relation to ISEE programs and events offered in 2022, including information about:

  • What to consider before committing to participating in programs or events and making travel arrangements
  • Contingency plans in the event that we cannot hold the program or event as planned
  • Planning steps as we get closer to travel time
  • What to expect at in-person ISEE events or programs

What to consider before committing to participate in an ISEE program or event and making travel arrangements:

  • UC vaccine requirement: ISEE is headquartered at University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz), and will follow their vaccine requirements at the conference. (link). Please review the requirements and make sure that you can comply before making any travel arrangements. As we get closer to the event, we will post our processes, but all participants should be prepared to show proof of vaccination or exemption.
  • Pre-acceptance agreement: Before acceptance into ISEE programs, you will be asked to submit a pre-acceptance agreement, which states that you can meet the vaccine requirement, and will adhere to other COVID precautions. Our pre-acceptance agreements outline the most cautious protocols; however, we will reduce protocols as appropriate if the pandemic continues on the downward trend.
  • Entering Hawaii:  Most 2022 ISEE programs and events will be held in Hawaii. Hawaii has requirements for entering the state and an app for uploading your vaccination card. Please review to make sure that you can comply before making travel arrangements: Safe Travels.
  • Bringing travel companions: We ask that participants consider carefully the ramifications of bringing travel companion(s) to any ISEE event. Travel companions increase exposure risk and may also incur additional expenses, if either the participant or companion tests positive for COVID during the program or event. Travel companions will not be allowed to join ISEE activities such as meals. We certainly understand the appeal of bringing companions, but encourage you to think it through and have a plan for being as safe as possible, mitigating risks, and covering costs.

Contingency plans if we cannot hold the ISEE event as planned:

  • We are optimistically planning for programs and events to go forward as planned, in-person. If the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from holding the event, we will consider postponement, pivoting to remote, or cancelation. 
  • If we have to postpone, airline ticket credit from canceled flights can be used when a new date is set.

As we get closer to travel time:

  • Purchase travel insurance: All participants are strongly encouraged to purchase travel insurance to cover costs associated with medical treatment and/or extended stay to quarantine. All participants receiving travel awards are required to have travel insurance. ISEE will reimburse for these costs, assuming the cost insurance is reasonable (<$50). Travel insurance should also cover reimbursement for airfare if you get sick close to travel time. Please be sure to purchase travel insurance. See the travel insurance page.
  • We will post additional information as we get closer to the event, such as COVID-19 testing requirements.

During the event:

During the program we anticipate that participants will need to:

  • Wear a N95, KN95, or KF94 face mask when indoors, and any time the venue requires it.
  • Adhere to COVID testing requirements
  • Be as careful as possible about safety measures outside of conference session time, as well as during conference sessions

As we’ve learned to live with the pandemic we know that precautions and requirements can change. We will continue to monitor the guidelines, keep up to date on precautionary measures, and post more information for participants as we approach the event. 

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