ISEE Publications

ISEE publishes results from our R&D projects, the curriculum developed by ISEE participants, and the curriculum, strategies, and outcomes from our programs. Publications include a range of topics related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in higher education and the workforce.

Lisa Hunter, Barry Kluger-Bell, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Austin Barnes, Andrew Norton, and Tiffani Quan

Jerome Shaw

Inverness Research Associates

Lisa Hunter, Anne Metevier, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Jason Porter, Lynne Raschke, Patrik Jonsson, Jerome Shaw, Tiffani Quan, and Ryan Montgomery

Inverness Research Associates

Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Jason Porter, Candice Brown, Patrik Jonsson, Barry Kluger-Bell, Lynne Raschke

Barry Kluger-Bell

Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter

Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Barry Kluger-Bell, Lynne Raschke, Patrik Jonsson, Jason Porter, Candice Brown, Gabriel Roybal, Jerome Shaw

Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Barbara Goza, Lynne Raschke, Scott Seagroves

Tiffani Quan, Lisa Hunter, Barry Kluger-Bell, Scott Seagroves

Anne Metevier

Anne Metevier, Scott Seagroves, Jerome Shaw, and Lisa Hunter

Scott Seagroves, Lisa Hunter, Anne Metevier, Austin Barnes, and Tiffani Quan

Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Tiffani Quan, and Austin Barnes

Inverness Research Associates

Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter