ISEE Publications


Leaders in Effective and Inclusive STEM: Twenty Years of the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (2022) 

A collection of 35 articles from 81 ISEE community members edited by Scott Seagroves, Austin Barnes, Anne J. Metevier, Jason Porter and Lisa Hunter

Outcomes from the WEST Program (2022)

Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators (ISEE), UC Santa Cruz

Inclusion in an international training program for early-career engineers and scientists in the Thirty Meter Telescope partnership (2020)

Nicholas J. McConnellAustin BarnesWarren SkidmoreRenate KupkeJessica Lu,Scott RobertsRavinder BhatiaSandra DawsonGary H. Sanders, and  Lisa Hunter. Proc. SPIE 11449, Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems VIII, 114491O (13 December 2020);

Preparing an Inclusive Astronomy Community through Effective Professional Development (2020)

Nicholas McConnell, Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Rafael Palomino, Austin Barnes, Dara Norman, Christine O'Donnell, Rebecca Nevin, and Briana Ingermann.  Position paper for the Astro 2020 Decadal Survey

Successfully Building a Diverse Telescope Workforce: The Design of the Akamai Internship Program in Hawai‘i (2018)

Austin Barnes, Tamara Ball, Christine Starr, Scott Seagroves, Kauahi Perez, and Lisa Hunter (2018, June). Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Salt Lake City, Utah.

ISEE’s Equity & Inclusion Theme (2018)

Scott Seagroves, Lisa Hunter, Rafael Palomino, Nicholas McConnell, Anne Metevier, Austin Barnes, and Tiffani Quan

ISEE's Inquiry Framework: Six Elements to Guide the Design, Teaching, and Assessment of Inquiry Lab Units (2018)

Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Tiffani Quan, and Austin Barnes

Clarifying Your Project: Supporting Interns' Understanding of Mentored STEM Projects (2017)

Jerome Shaw

Using Active Facilitation Strategies to Transfer Ownership in Teaching and Mentoring Contexts  (2017)

Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter, and Austin Barnes 

Differentiating Workforce Development from EPO May 2016
Diversity and Equity in the Lab: Preparing Scientists and Engineers for Inclusive Teaching in Courses and Research Environments (2016)

Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Barry Kluger-Bell, Lynne Raschke, Patrik Jonsson, Jason Porter, Candice Brown, Gabriel Roybal, Jerome Shaw

ISEE Inquiry Demonstration Labs: Active Learning Units for Teaching Scientific Concepts, Practices, and Collaboration (2015)

Anne Metevier

ISEE’s Contributions to STEM Persistence and Effective Mentoring Practices: A Report Summarizing Fourteen Years of Design, Practice and Outcomes Studies (2015)

Anne Metevier, Scott Seagroves, Jerome Shaw, and Lisa Hunter

Assessing Conceptual Understanding in College-Level Inquiry Labs (2015)

Lisa Hunter, Barry Kluger-Bell, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Austin Barnes, Andrew Norton, and Tiffani Quan

Contributions of the Akamai Workforce Initiative (2014)

Inverness Research Associates

The Design and Evolution of the Akamai Workforce Initiative: An External Review (2014)

Inverness Research Associates

Supporting Multi-Level STEM Workforce Development (2014)

Inverness Research Associates

Cultivating Scientist- and Engineer-Educators 2010: The Evolving Professional Development Program (2010)

Lisa Hunter, Anne Metevier, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Jason Porter, Lynne Raschke, Patrik Jonsson, Jerome Shaw, Tiffani Quan, and Ryan Montgomery 

Designers’ Perspectives on Effective Professional Development for Scientist- and Engineer-Educators

Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Jason Porter, Candice Brown, Patrik Jonsson, Barry Kluger-Bell, Lynne Raschke

Designing Inquiry Starters

Barry Kluger-Bell

Developing and Sustaining a Science and Technology Center Education Program: “Inquiry as a Means for Organizational Change and Institutional Legitimacy

Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter

Improvements in Professional Development Program Participants’ Understandings about Inclusive Teaching

Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Barbara Goza, Lynne Raschke, Scott Seagroves

Improving Learners’ Research Process Skills

Tiffani Quan, Lisa Hunter, Barry Kluger-Bell, Scott Seagroves

Using Inquiry to Develop Reasoning Skills and Prepare Students to Take Initiative in a Research Setting: Practical Implications from Research

Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter