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PDP 2017 

73 PDP participants teaching in 23 Teams 

See PDP 2017 Cohort Poster

Total Students involved in an inquiry lab activity: 574



Team Lead: Esra Mescioglu

Members: Esra Mescioglu, Eva Lyon, Pamela Rittelmeyer

Disciplinary area: Earth and Planetary Sciences

Teaching venue: Research Saturday (EPS)

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC), Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Kentucky, NSF IUSE ICER GEOPATHS award number 1600399 to the University of Kentucky Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

12 undergradutes



Team Lead: Grace Lin

Members: Grace Lin, Ivo Jimenez, Suzanne da Camara

Disciplinary area: Computer Science, Computer Engineering 

Teaching venue: WEST Computer Science

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC)

25 undergraduates



Team Lead: Caitlin Clausen

Members: Caitlin Clausen, Ana Gallego-Hernandez, Gabriel Mednick, Ian Colinas

Disciplinary area: Chemistry, Biochemistry 

Teaching venue: MARC/IMSD SRI PREP

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC), HHMI

12 undergraduates



Team Lead: Susanna Honig

Members: Susanna Honig, Kelley Voss, Regina Spranger, Sabrina Shirazi

Disciplinary area: Ecology, Evolutionary Biology 

Teaching venue: WEST Bio

Sponsor: HHMI, GAANN fellowship

21 undergraduates



Team Lead: Caitlin Johnson

Members: Caitlin Johnson, Asher Wasserman, Kat Feng

Disciplinary area: Physics, Engineering, Astronomy

Teaching venue: WEST Physics/Astro

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

23 undergraduates


Team Lead: Matt Naylor

Members: Matt Naylor, Ana Kareh, Eaindar Soe, Kevin Schilling

Disciplinary area: Chemistry, Biochemistry

Teaching venue: WEST Chem

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC), HHMI

30 undergraduates


Team Lead: Bradley Thompson

Members: Bradley Thompson, Abdulazaz Albalawi, Shubham Goel (Goel did not complete the teaching activity).

Disciplinary areaComputer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering 

Teaching venue: Demo Lab CE/EE

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC)

18 undergraduates


Team Lead: Stephen Martin

Members: Stephen Martin, Colin West, Sarah Mechbal

Disciplinary areaPhysics

Teaching venue: Physics demo lab

Sponsor: HHMI

16 undergraduates


Team Lead: Kimberley Bitterwolf

Members: Kimberley Bitterwolf, Cynthia Carrion, Britt Henke

Disciplinary areaGeneral Interest in Renewable Energy, including: Ocean Science, Environmental Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Physics

Teaching venue: Akamai PREP

Sponsor: AFOSR

29 undergraduates


Team Lead: Stacey Sueoka

Members: Stacey Sueoka, Chris Gilbert, Gwen Musial

Disciplinary areaOptics

Teaching venue: Akamai PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81201, NSO, The Graduate Program in Biomedical Engineering at the College of Engineering, University of Houston

29 undergraduates


Team Lead: Heather Flewelling

Members: Heather Flewelling, Conor McPartland, Eva Lilly

Disciplinary areaPhysics, Astronomy

Teaching venue: tba

Sponsor: NSF AST #81201

10 REU + 4 UH undergraduates + 2 others


Team Lead: Megan Ansdell

Members: Megan Ansdell, Donal O'Sullivan, Lu Shen

Disciplinary areaAstronomy, Engineering, Computer Science 

Teaching venue: TMT International Training Workshop

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

42 Grad Students and Postoctoral researchers


Team Lead: Steven Mohammed

Members: Steven Mohammed, Adrian Lucy, Zephyr Penoyre

Disciplinary area: Astronomy, Physics

Teaching venue: CCA PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81201

15 undergraduates


Team Lead: Andrey Vayner

Members: Andrey Vayner, Gregory Walth, Xinnan Du

Disciplinary area: Astronomy, Physics

Teaching venue: UCSD PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

15 undergraduates


Team Lead: Michelle Consiglio

Members: Michelle Consiglio, Kevin Stahl

Disciplinary area: Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics

Teaching venue: UCLA PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

14 undergraduates


Team Lead: Johanna Teske

Members: Johanna Teske, Marja Seidel, Nicholas Timmons

Disciplinary area: Astronomy

Teaching venue: Carnegie Observatories summer student program (CAMPARE PREP)

Sponsor: NSF AST #81201, NSF AST #81343

10 undergraduates


Team Lead: Ayeswarya Ravikumar

Members: Ayeswarya Ravikumar, Santoshi Ramachandran, Sudan Puri

Disciplinary areaOptometry, Bioengineering 

Teaching venue: TEXACOP

Sponsor: ISEE (UCSC), The Graduate Program in Physiological Optics and Vision Science at the College of Optometry, University of Houston

16 undergraduates

Team Lead: Chao-Ling Hung

Members: Chao-Ling Hung, Briana Indahl, Keely Finkelstein, Raquel Martinez

Disciplinary areaAstronomy, Physics 

Teaching venue: TAURUS PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

10 undergraduates

Team Lead: Daniel Nagasawa

Members: Daniel Nagasawa, Andrew Quick, Peter Chi

Disciplinary area: Astronomy, Physics 

Teaching venue: Texas A&M PREP

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

8 undergraduates
2017-22 andromeda

Team Lead: Devin Silvia

Members: Devin Silvia, Austin Edmister, Nate Watwood

Disciplinary area: Physics, Astronomy

Teaching venue: Lyman Briggs Physics Lab

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

10 undergraduates
2017-23 super nova

Team Lead: Saul Beceiro Novo

Members: Saul Beceiro Novo, Adam Jacobs, MacKenzie Warren

Disciplinary area: Physics, Astronomy

Teaching venue: Non Majors Physics Lab

Sponsor: NSF AST #81343

25 undergrad students per section, 6 sections, total of ~150.
2017-25 cosmic rays

Team Lead: Austin Barnes

Members: Austin Barnes, Ben Forrest, Evan Anders, Samantha Walker

Disciplinary area: Science (astronomy, physics, etc.) 

Teaching venue: MASP PEAC at CU Boulder

Sponsor: NSF AST #81201

41 recent high school graduates

Team Lead: Rafael Palomino

Members: Rafael Palomino, Marcela Cely-Santos, May Roberts, Melissa Cronin

Disciplinary area: Biology

Teaching venue: Research Saturday MCD

Sponsor: HHMI

12 undergraduates