ISEE initiatives combine programs and projects, and have goals and outcomes that go beyond individual participant outcomes to include institutional or organizational changes, capacity building, partnership development, etc. ISEE currently has the following initiatives:

Advancing Inclusive Leaders in STEM Initiative

Akamai Workforce Initiative

In partnership with the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, ISEE plays a major leadership role in the Akamai Workforce Initiative - or “Akamai,” meaning clever, smart, expert in Hawaiian. The initiative is dedicated to building a diverse, local workforce in Hawaii and advancing college students from Hawaii into the STEM workforce. Akamai has a long history of partnering with telescopes and supporting the growth of astronomical and remote sensing facilities in Hawaii, but broadly contributes to the development of a strong and diverse technical workforce in a wide range of fields.

Telescope Workforce Development Initiative

ISEE has partnered with telescopes for nearly 20 years to develop and offer programs that build a diverse and productive workforce. This site highlights ISEE’s programs, activities, and outcomes focused on science, technology, workforce development for ground-based telescopes and remote sensing facilities.