ISEE Advisory Committees

Inclusive Leaders Initiative Steering Committee

The Inclusive Leaders Initiative Steering Committee advises and helps guide the development and sustainability of ISEE’s network of Chapters.  The Inclusive Leadership Initiative (ILI) includes Chapter activities, developing a Leadership Institute, and annual meetings.  The ILI Steering Committee advises on how to equitably and sustainably include Chapters in ISEE's Professional Development Program (PDP), including recommendations for supporting PDP teaching venues based at Chapters, recruiting PDP Design Team Leaders, and allocation of funding for PDP participants.

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Akamai Mentor Council


The Akamai Mentor Council advises ISEE on goals, activities, and outcomes related to mentoring within the Akamai Internship Program, and strengthening the mentor community associated with the Akamai Internship Program. The Council addresses topics such as matching interns and mentors/selection processes, evaluating skill sets of intern applicants, improving attendance at intern symposia, ISEE’s mentor workshop, and other aspects of the internship experience. 

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