ISEE R&D Projects

ISEE engages in a range of projects that fall within the boundaries of our overall mission. Our projects blur the line between research and practice, and make up what we consider ISEE Research & Development (R&D). External funding allows ISEE to explore new ideas, refine our work, expand our audiences, and translate ISEE activities to new settings. Some ISEE projects are stimulated and carried out within a specific award or contract, while other projects have multiple funding sources and span many years. This page lists ongoing projects, as well as grants and contracts awarded for ISEE work.

Current Projects:

  • Assessing Learning in an Inquiry Environment
    Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Anne Metevier, Jerome Shaw, Andrew Norton
  • Lesson Plans for Supporting Professional Development
    Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Beth Walker
  • Outcomes from ISEE’s Internship Program Model
    Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Jerome Shaw, Tamara Ball, Samara Phillips, Beth Walker
  • Engineering Solution Framework
    Jerome Shaw, Lisa Hunter, Andrew Norton, Mike Nassir, Nina Arnberg  
  • Productive (student) Projects
    Jerome Shaw, Austin Barnes, Beth Walker, Lisa Hunter

Past Projects:

  • ISEE’s Equity & Inclusion Theme
    Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Barry Kluger-Bell, Tiffani Quan
  • Evaluating Inclusive Teaching Strategies
    Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter
  • Development of UH Maui College Engineering Technology Degree Programs
    Mark Hoffman, Lisa Hunter, Jeff Kuhn, Scott Seagroves, David Harrington, Lynne Raschke, John Pye, Elisabeth Dubuit, JD Armstrong, Claire Max, Joe Janni