ISEE R&D Projects

r&d cycle of development

ISEE R&D contributes to the advancement of ISEE’s core mission by conducting educational research and evaluation to inform program implementation and practice.

Key activities include:  

  • Development, refinement and implementation of assessment instruments and methods
  • Analysis and interpretation of data from ISEE-supported programs to show evidence-based outcomes
  • Producing and circulating written reports and guidelines that support others interested in using tools and methods developed by the ISEE R&D team.
  • Collecting and communicating findings to both the ISEE community and other audiences nationwide;
  • Providing context for disseminated findings and suggesting implications for practice
  • Producing and submitting manuscripts for peer-review.

ISEE R&D activities also serve as professional development for core ISEE staff members and collaborators who benefit as they learn about different theories of human development and learning, assessment paradigms, and how to use data as evidence of educational outcomes. 


ISEE R&D Highlights

Synthesizing Research on Facilitation Project

  • How research can inform the small, moment-to-moment interactions between instructors or mentors and students.

UCSC STEM Persistence Study

  • First results link the teaching of STEM practices to factors related to persistence, especially for groups underrepresented in STEM.

Outcomes from Akamai Internship Program

  • Results from a longitudinal study demonstrate how a program can support persistence in STEM across ethnic and gender identities.

Current Projects


UCSC STEM Persistence Study Lisa Hunter, Campbell Leaper, Christy Starr, Susanna Honig, Robin Dunkin, Rafael Palomino
Development of TMT’s International Training Program Austin Barnes, Nicholas McConnell, Lisa Hunter
Synthesizing Research on Facilitation Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter, Austin Barnes, Nicholas McConnell, Rafael Palomino

Under the leadership of Tamara Ball, ISEE research consultant and educational specialist, the ISEE R&D team took on several special projects for 2017-18. These include:


Project Leader

Analysis of introductory biology performance assessment data measuring students’ proficiency with generating scientific explanations. Susanna Honig and Robin Dunkin
Analysis of outcomes from ISEE's community college transfer student program, WEST Rafael Palomino
Reporting on STEM persistence outcomes from a longitudinal study of ISEE’s Akamai Internship Program.  Austin Barnes
Development of evaluation methods to measure ISEE participants’ application of inclusive teaching strategies to their practice. Nicholas McConnell

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Past Projects


Supporting student projects in STEM Jerome Shaw, Austin Barnes, Lisa Hunter
Inquiry Framework and Indicators Anne Metevier, Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Barry Kluger-Bell, Tiffani Quan
STEM Workforce Skills and Framework Scott Seagroves and Lisa Hunter
ISEE’s Equity & Inclusion Theme Lisa Hunter, Scott Seagroves, Anne Metevier, Barry Kluger-Bell, Tiffani Quan
Development of UH Maui College Engineering Technology Degree Programs Mark Hoffman, Lisa Hunter, Jeff Kuhn, Scott Seagroves, David Harrington, Lynne Raschke, John Pye, Elisabeth Dubuit, JD Armstrong, Claire Max, Joe Janni
Development of a new international training program for the Thirty Meter Telescope Lisa Hunter, Austin Barnes
Mentoring Productive Student Projects Jerome Shaw, Lisa Hunter