Houston ISEE Chapter

The Houston ISEE Chapter began in 2014 as one of first ISEE Regional Chapters. This Chapter currently focuses on optometry and vision science, supporting participation and teaching venues in this interdisciplinary field of study. The disciplinary focus of the Chapter aligns with the interests of Houston’s Chapter Lead Jason Porter (Associate Professor, University of Houston College of Optometry and Department of Biomedical Engineering) who was a participant for multiple years in the Professional Development Program (PDP) and is now a member of the PDP instructional team. 

Past teaching activities at this Chapter include:

  • In 2019, Santoshi Ramachandran (DTL), Hanieh Mirhajianmoghadam (DTL), Erin Tomiyama, and Sujata Rijal designed and taught an inquiry that had learners using the concept of refraction to determine refractive error and, importantly, justify a correction using lenses. The inquiry emphasized how clinicians must be able to justify corrections using evidence. The UH team taught their activity as part of a workshop for pre-optometry students. 
  • In 2018, Gareth Hastings (UH, Lead), Laura Pardon (UH), Ashutosh Jnawali (UH), and Krista Beach (UH), designed and taught an inquiry evaluating the role of pupil size on retinal image quality and blur. This inquiry required students to support claims towards confirming a diagnosis in a manner that simulated authentic diagnostic practices of optometrists. The UH PDP team taught their activity as part of a workshop for sophomore pre-optometry students. 
  • In 2018, Nicole Putnam (Midwestern University, Lead), Suman Adhikari (UH), and Hanieh Mirhajianmoghadam (UH), taught as part of the Center for Adaptive Optics Summer School at the University of California, an audience that included graduate students, postdocs, and faculty participants. The PDP team tasked learners use image quality metrics to understand vision quality and how different corrections improve vision. To construct these explanations, learners had to use multiple lines of complementary evidence to support their claims. 
  • In 2017, Ayeswarya Ravikumar (UH, Lead), Santoshi Ramachandran (UH), and Sudan Puri (UH) designed and taught an inquiry activity that asked learners to explain observed fringe patterns and what variables would affect those patterns using the wave properties of light. The UH PDP team taught their activity as part of a workshop for sophomore optometry students.


Graduate students and postdocs at University of Houston with interests in optometry, vision science, or related fields can apply for PDP fee waivers and travel support from ISEE (via PDP application). Applicants are encouraged to secure some of their own institutional or grant funding, which will increase the likelihood of acceptance and financial support from ISEE.

Graduate students and postdocs with the above affiliations who are interested in applying for the Professional Development Program should contact the Houston ISEE Chapter Lead: Jason Porter, jporter@optometry.uh.edu, (713) 743-1806.

Others in the region interested in applying to the PDP, or seeking general information about ISEE, should contact the ISEE program manager in charge of this chapter, Rafael Palomino: rpalomin@ucsc.edu