Schuetze, Tonio

Tonio Schuetze is a postdoc in the Jurica lab at the RNA center of UC Santa Cruz. He’s interested in exploring the molecular mechanism of alternative splicing in health and disease. After his time at the UCSC he’s interested in pursuing an academic career and elucidate the molecular mechanism of the spliceosome. Tonio is participating in the PDP to gain experience in how to provide students the best possible learning environment.


Teaching Activity Summary

Name of Teaching Activity: Biology 101: Activity 6: Yeast-2-Hybrid

Teaching Venue & Date: July 5th, 2016, Physical sciences 110, UCSC

Learners: 250 undergraduate students.

Reflection on how learners engaged with a STEM practice during the inquiry:

My content goal was to deliver the concept of yeast-two-hybrid to the students and let them predict the outcome of experiments based on molecular interactions. I highlighted the importance of understanding the interactions inside the cells and link them to the phenotype (growth). They had a worksheet they filled out and sketched what is happening in the nucleus of the yeast. Also they answered questions by iClicker. 88% picked the right answer for the iclicker. Most students got the right answers on the work sheets. I divided the lecture in three parts and gave them knowledge little by little. So they could double-check if they got the right understanding. To improve the content I would change the third part of my lecture and find connections to what they learned earlier.