Research Saturday EPS: this team of scientist/engineer educators designed and taught an inquiry lab activity through ISEE’s Professional Development Program

teamL-R: Esra Mescioglu, Eva Lyon, Pamela Rittelmeyer

VenueResearch Saturday (EPS) at UC Santa Cruz

Team members:

Esra Mescioglu (Design Team Lead): Graduate Student, Earth & Planetary Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Eva Lyon: Graduate Student, Earth &Environmental Sciences, University of Kentucky

Pamela Rittelmeyer: Graduate Student, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Audience12 undergraduates 

Activity Name: Energy and Habitat Mitigation Plan

Learning GoalCreating a mitigation plan using the concepts of replenishment/recovery of natural goods and services, and defining requirements and anticipating trade-offs in a design.

Funding for this team was provided by: ISEE, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Kentucky, NSF IUSE ICER GEOPATHS award number 1600399 to the University of Kentucky Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences