Optics Interference Lab: this team of scientist/engineer educators designed and taught an inquiry lab activity through ISEE’s Professional Development Program

team 2017-19L-R: Sudan Puri, Ayeswarya Ravikumar, Santoshi Ramachandran

VenuePre-Optometry Professional Society Workshop, University of Houston

Team members:

Ayeswarya Ravikumar (Design Team Lead): Postdoc, College of Optometry, University of Houston

Santoshi Ramachandran: Graduate Student, College of Optometry - Physiological Optics/Vision Science, University of Houston

Sudan Puri: Graduate Student, Optometry, University of Houston

Audience16 undergraduates

Activity Name Explain why the fringe pattern was formed using interference wave properties of light

Activity SummaryExplaining the basis and variables involved in a fringe pattern using the concept of the wave properties of light, and explaining results using evidence.

Funding for this team provided by: ISEE/ Dr. Jason Porter