TAURUS PREP: this team of scientist/engineer educators designed and taught an inquiry lab activity through ISEE’s Professional Development Program

team 2017-20L-R: Raquel Martinez, Briana Indahl, Keely Finkelstein, Chao-Ling Hung


Team members:

Chao-Ling Hung (Design Team Lead): Postdocs, Department of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin

Briana Indahl: Graduate Student, Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin

Keely Finkelstein: Research associate and lecturer, Department of Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin

Raquel Martinez: Graduate Student, Astronomy, University of Texas at Austin

Audience10 undergraduates

Activity NameBuilding models of galaxies from spectra

Activity SummaryExamining a spectrum as a superposition of emitting and absorbing components, and developing and using scientific models

Funding for this team provided by: NSF AST #81343