Ecology WEST: this team of scientist/engineer educators designed and taught an inquiry lab activity through ISEE’s Professional Development Program

team-2018-03.jpgL-R: Doriane Weiler, Cynthia Carrion, Sara Gonzalez, Josephine Lesage

VenueEcology WEST

Team Members: 

Design Team Leader: Cynthia Carrion, PhD candidate, Ocean Sciences, UC Santa Cruz

Doriane Weiler, Graduate Student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Josephine Lesage, Graduate Student, Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Sara Gonzalez, Graduate Student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

Audience: 22 UCSC Transfer students (undergraduates)

Activity Name:  Trophic Energy Transfer

Learning GoalsUsing the relationship between energy and matter to show how food webs can predict an ecosystem response to a disturbance, and constructing and testing models.

Funding for this team was provided by: UC Santa Cruz, GAANN, ISEE