Panel presentations


Conference on Advancing Inclusive Leaders in STEM: 20 Years of the PDP


Panel presentations will be 60-minute time slots and will include 3-4 PDP alumni who each give a short talk on the panel’s chosen theme. Each panelist will also be required to summarize their presentation in a short paper of 1-2 pages in length prior to the conference. Panels are required to have a lead presenter/author who will organize the panel and serve as the lead author of the paper. 

The timeline for panels and corresponding papers is below.


Panel papers:  Panel papers will be included in the PDP volume in a “perspectives” section. The final paper will include an introduction/overview (1-3 paragraphs) by the lead author, individual paper sections written by each panelist (~1-2 pages), and a closing paragraph or two, also written by the lead author, that includes any additional perspectives gleaned from during the conference.

A final draft of the paper will be submitted before the conference, which will need to be a polished paper with only the closing summary to be added within a few weeks after the conference. Lead presenters/authors are responsible for producing a final paper that does not need editing. Volume editors will not be able to provide any more than very minor corrections. More information will be sent with panel acceptance documents.


Panel presentations:  Each panel will be given a 60-minute time slot, which should be structured so that there is 15 minutes available for Q&A. Panels are generally four people, so assuming a brief introduction to the panel by the panel lead, each panelist should be something like 5-7 minutes. A facilitator will keep time and make sure that time limits are adhered to, and that there is time for Q&A, so panelists need to make sure that they can stay within their allotted time.

Timeline for panels:

  • Final title, abstract, and outline of panel due: March 7, 2022
  • Final draft of paper due: April 8, 2022 (Final draft is a carefully edited paper which includes everything except the summary.)
  • Final paper due: June 6, 2022


We look forward to your participation in the Conference on Advancing Inclusive Leaders in STEM: 20 Years of the PDP! 

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Hunter,