Inclusive Leaders Initiative Steering Committee

The Inclusive Leaders Initiative Steering Committee advises and helps guide the development and sustainability of ISEE’s network of Chapters.  The Inclusive Leadership Initiative (ILI) includes Chapter activities, developing a Leadership Institute, and annual meetings.  The ILI Steering Committee advises on how to equitably and sustainably include Chapters in ISEE's Professional Development Program (PDP), including recommendations for supporting PDP teaching venues based at Chapters, recruiting PDP Design Team Leaders, and allocation of funding for PDP participants.

Caitlin Casey, Assistant Professor of Astronomy - University of Texas at Austin

Mike Fitzgerald, Associate Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics - UCLA

Seth Hornstein, Observatory and Education Director, Sommers-Bausch Observatory - University of Colorado, Boulder; Senior Instructor in Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences - University of Colorado, Boulder

Lisa Hunter (chair), ISEE Director 

Jason Porter, Associate Professor of Optometry - University of Houston

Emily Rice, Associate Professor of Astrophysics, Macaulay Honors College - City University of New York

Gwen Rudie, Staff Astronomer - Carnegie Observatories

Devin Silvia, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computational Mathematics, Science, and Engineering - Michigan State University

Cynthia Carrión, Program Manager and Chapter Manager - ISEE


Charter: Linked HERE.