How To Apply

If you have recently completed the PDP (taught your activity, followed by timely completion of program requirements and documentation), please consider applying for an ISEE certificate.  If you are interested in a certificate and you completed the PDP more than a year ago, please contact ISEE to clarify documentation requirements for your year. In order to obtain the Certificate in Inclusive Inquiry STEM Education, PDP participants must submit the following for consideration:

1) Application for Certificate

2) Completed PDP Teaching Plan

Save your team’s Teaching Plan as a Word or PDF file and e-mail to Nicole Mattacola (  Note that filling out the Teaching Plan is a standard PDP requirement and by completing the requirements of the PDP you have already made significant progress in earning a certificate.

3) PDP Post-Teaching Report

2015-present: If you completed this Google form at the end of your PDP experience, we have your response on file.  Before 2015: please send a copy of your completed post-teaching report to Nicole Mattacola (

4) A brief written summary of the inquiry unit you designed and taught. 

The summary should be a couple of paragraphs in length. In recent years, PDP teams have included a summary of their activity at the end of their Teaching Plan, which is meant to be at minimum a first draft collaborative version written by your team.  You may edit this summary to emphasize your particular contributions or to further refine what was produced by your team, or copy it directly if you believe that your contribution is reflected in the team summary and you are satisfied with the quality. It may be published on ISEE’s webpage. Some examples are here and here.
Save your summary in a PDF file and e-mail it to Nicole Mattacola ( 

5) A short bio that we can post on the ISEE web page. 

Include what you are doing now, your future plans, and how you envision using the PDP in your future career.


  • After completing the PDP, please submit your Teaching Plan and Post-Teaching Report in a timely manner (as is expected of all PDP participants)
  • Submission of your Application for the Certificate begins the process of earning the certificate
  • Once you have submitted all documents (listed above) your certificate application will be reviewed for completeness, and additional information will be requested if needed (e.g. edits to the summary of your activity)
  • You will receive an email notification upon approval, and a hard copy certificate will be mailed to you soon after
  • We will post your bio, write-up, and additional information on the ISEE "Certificate Recipients" page