2017 WEST

2017 Workshops for Engineering & Science Transfers

WEST 2017 workshops will be held on the UCSC campus (possible field trips TBD) on Sept 18th, 19th and 20th 2017. The overall daily schedule varies depending on each WEST strand, but participants are involved in a full set (~7-8 hrs) of activities each day. Participants are placed in one of multiple subject strands of the WEST program, depending on their major interests and space availability.

WEST Strands vary slightly every year, but typically include:

CompSci WEST

Offering exposure to concepts used in machine learning (getting computers to learn from data and make some predictions). Students will use computational tools to learn how to build models by analyzing tradeoffs. During the activities students will get a chance to explore the campus. Some programming experience suggested, but not required.

Biochemistry WEST

Modern biochemistry at UCSC is supported by a diversity of powerful research tools that illuminate protein structure and function. These tools will be applied to studying the machinery behind protein synthesis, the final step in the “Central Dogma of Biology”, the conversion of DNA into protein. Especially targeted to students interested in biochemistry, chemistry and chemical biology. Students will create a detailed experimentally-informed chemical model in similar steps followed by biochemical research teams.

Evolution WEST

A chance to nvestigate  broad ecological and evolutionary questions.

Applying to WEST

  • Incoming transfer students interested in science & engineering may apply to WEST, there are no registration or program fees to attend.

  • Students accepted into WEST who have a Fall UCSC housing contract are elligible for the Early Arrival Program. This allows participants early move-in into their residence prior to the scheduled transfer move-in day, 2016 WEST participants move into their fall housing. Students are responsible for all early move-in expenses (~$146). This fee includes $27/day in flexi-dollars credited to a meal card used during the academic year.

  • WEST also accepts students who live off-campus, though lodging and transportation needs are independent of the program and up to each individual student to arrange.

Important dates:

  • Application Deadline Monday, August 7th, 2017 
  • Applicants notified of acceptance into WEST Friday, August 18, 2017
  • Program acceptance requires returning a signed Confirmation of Attendance form by - Friday, August 25, 2017 in order to be officially enrolled. Further program details provided after all confirmations are received.