The following quotes are from WEST alumni. Included are thoughts on their experience with WEST as well as how WEST has impacted their overall university experience and future life goals:

“I am confident and more sure than before that EEB is the Major I want to declare and continue forward."

“It led me to a community that makes me feel welcomed and has exposed me to a bunch of resources on campus.”

“...[A] high point was meeting peers in related fields and forming bonds that I    believe will continue through school.”

“I've met new people, grads and faculty that gave me insight into the scientific community and made useful connections for the future”

“The west program increased my passion in STEM”

"Meeting fellow transfer undergraduates within your own major creates a feeling of fellowship during the WEST program."

The following quotes are from WEST alumni regarding the laboratory-based work and research involved in the WEST program's inquiry activities:

"It helped me become more confident in my abilities and I learned new skills about research"


"I liked being in a lab setting. It helped me think of myself as an engineer"


"The teamwork required and kind of work we did contributed to feeling like a scientist"


"The things I did at WEST were something I might actually do in engineering or research"


"WEST gave me more confidence to become a chemist"


"Meeting others in my Major and doing scientific work within my major through the WEST workshops made me feel that I am in the right major."