2019 WEST - Integrating transfer students into the UCSC STEM community

2019 Workshops for Engineering & Science Transfers

WEST 2019 workshops will be held on the UCSC campus on Monday Sept 16th, Tuesday Sept 17th, and Wednesday Sept 18th 2019.

The overall daily schedule varies depending on each WEST Strand, but participants are involved in a full set (~7-8 hrs) of activities each day. Participants spend significant amounts of time working together and should intend to be present for all activities to get the most out of the workshop. 

Participants are offered a spot in one of four subject strands, depending on their major, research interests, and space availability.

Click HERE to see the 2019 WEST Schedule 

The 2019 WEST Strands: 

Chemistry WEST

The movement of protons may seem small and insignificant, but changing a hydrogen atom leads to a slew of interesting chemical and biological effects. This workshop will allow students to explore why color changes occur by designing and executing their own experiments and using their evidence to reach a logical hypothesis. This workshop has applications beyond chemistry and so students who are interested in biology or environmental sciences will find that this will help them excel in those disciplines as well.

Climate WEST

Climate varies over space and time due to both natural and man-made processes. In this activity, we will explore the concept of climate variability by analyzing patterns in both global and regional climates, and investigate how they are projected to change in the future. At the end of the workshop, participants will present their research in a professional-quality poster format. This interdisciplinary course will be valuable for science students undertaking any major who wish to gain a deeper understanding of climate variability and change.

Physics WEST

Harmonic oscillation is a prevalent model used to describe the behavior of atoms, particles, and many other objects in STEM fields. We will be exploring various oscillating kinetic and electronic systems in order to generalize their underlying properties. Participants will work to understand the applications of the harmonic oscillator in physics and the real world during this engaging, inquiry-based workshop.

Toxicology WEST

Have you ever heard the saying, "the dose makes the poison?" Emerging from the field of toxicology, this phrase is an old adage that implicates all substances as poisons, with dosage determining whether or not toxic effects are experienced. In this activity, learners will investigate this phenomenon by designing and conducting experiments and collaborating with others to interpret their results. Learners with an interest in human and environmental health, toxicology, biology, chemistry, and ecology are encouraged to apply. Prior background in these disciplines is not necessary. 


Applying to WEST

  • All incoming transfer students interested in science & engineering may apply to WEST. All accepted applicants will receive a registration fee waiver.

  • Students accepted into WEST who have a Fall UCSC housing contract are eligible for the Early Arrival Program. This allows participants early move-in into their residence hall prior to the scheduled transfer move-in day. The 2019 Early-Move-In date is Monday Sept 16th (there is an opening dinner for WEST at 5pm that evening).

    • Students are responsible for all early move-in expenses (2019 rate is $166.50). This fee includes $30.50/day in flexi-dollars credited to a meal card used during the academic year.

  • WEST also accepts students who live off-campus, though lodging and transportation needs are independent of the program and up to each individual student to arrange.

  • Application is CLOSED

Important dates:

  • Application Deadline -  Friday, August 2nd, 2019

  • Applicants notified of acceptance into WEST Friday, August 9th, 2019

  • Program acceptance requires returning a signed Confirmation of Attendance form by - Friday, August 16th, 2019 in order to be officially enrolled. Further program details provided after all confirmations are received.


If you have more questions about WEST, please email Rafael Palomino at WESTprogram@ucsc.edu