Building Capacity Workshop

ISEE was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation Astronomical Sciences and Technology Division (NSF AST-1551494) to hold a workshop dedicated to identifying strategies and mechanisms for supporting the growth and sustainability of ISEE activities. Through a series of working sessions, participants helped shape the growth of ISEE, and gained valuable insights into strategies for advancing inquiry and inclusive teaching at their own institutions and within their careers. Approximately 30 staff and PDP alumni were invited to attend, and because NSF AST funded this workshop participants and sessions emphasized astronomy, but there was relevance across all disciplines. The intended outcome of the workshop was to develop a plan for a new proposal(s). Tentative topics focused on the Professional Development Program (PDP), though they also had broader applicability:

  • Incorporating PDP strategies in the classroom: How to maintain the fidelity of the existing PDP, and support course revisions or other objectives that don’t completely align with how we define PDP “activities”? How do we support alumni in applying what they learn in the PDP to formal courses, after they have completed the PDP?
  • Mentoring: How to grow the ISEE/Akamai mentoring program in relation to the PDP? Mentoring and mentor training may be something that could integrate alumni from undergrad-only institutions.
  • Publications: What types of publications should the ISEE community focus on producing, in relation to growth and sustainability of ISEE?
  • Engaging faculty, administration: What are the best strategies for engaging faculty and administration to build support for ISEE Chapters and involvement in the PDP?
  • Raising institutional and external funds: How and where to obtain funding for ISEE/PDP, and other related activities?
  • Communicating about the PDP experience: How do we communicate with peers, superiors, hiring committees, and administrators in ways that are valued by the academic reward system, non-academic employers, and others?
  • How can we engage PDP alumni who are now at undergraduate-only institutions?
  • How can we demonstrate that the PDP has an impact on alumni in the long-term, when they move into career positions?
  • Addressing challenges to ISEE/PDP growth and sustainability including format, time spent on PDP, and incorporation of professional skills.

Workshop Dates: November 6-8, 2015

Location: Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, California

workshop participants

Organizing Committee Members
Lisa Hunter 
Anne Metevier
Beth Walker
Jason Porter
Candice Pacheco-Brown