PDP Equity & Inclusion Evaluation

Development of evaluation methods to measure ISEE participants’ application of inclusive teaching strategies to their practice.

Project team: Nicholas McConnell (leader), Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter, Rafael Palomino

A major goal of ISEE’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is for participants to apply what they learn about equity and inclusion (E&I) toward designing and teaching a learning activity.  

After PDP participants conclude their practical teaching experience, ISEE prompts them to articulate their understanding of key E&I concepts, and how they applied specific concepts to enhance their educational design and active facilitation strategies.

This project is developing a new system to analyze the post-teaching responses and thereby assess how well participants exiting the PDP are able to:

  1. Articulate key E&I concepts;
  2. Describe how learners with different backgrounds may experience a particular teaching approach, activity, or other aspect of the educational setting;
  3. Describe equitable and inclusive facilitation strategies and designed activity components; and
  4. Articulate a rationale for how their design and facilitation of a teaching activity specifically addressed a relevant E&I concept.  
The resulting rubric will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of PDP training and inform future program development to enhance E&I training.  It also may serve as a tool to assess inclusive teaching performance within the PDP, with potential adaptation to other teaching contexts.


This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. AST#17431117 and AST#1643290