Reporting on STEM persistence of Akamai Internship Program

Reporting on STEM persistence outcomes from a longitudinal study of ISEE’s Akamai Internship Program.

Project team: Austin Barnes (leader), Kauahi Perez, Christine Starr, Tamara Ball, Lisa Hunter

The ISEE R&D team revisited an existing report and longitudinal data from over a decade of outcomes from the Akamai Internship Program.

Tracking these outcomes has been crucially important for keeping this program funded for more than 15 years, but our findings have not yet been published in a peer reviewed journal. The R&D team is expanding the report by integrating a theoretical framework, identifying supporting literature and adding comparative data from publications reporting on retention in STEM impacted by other STEM programs to provide greater context for Akamai persistence outcomes.  

This project has resulted in a paper accepted to the American Association for Engineering Education: Successfully Building a Diverse Telescope Workforce: The Design of the Akamai Internship Program in Hawaii